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Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy debuted on NBC in 1941 and ended in 1942. This short-lived series featuring horror, suspense, and supernatural stories, had a total of 31 episodes. Scott Bishop wrote the scripts and he was also known for his work on The Mysterious Traveler and The Sealed Book.

Although a short series, the shows are well-produced with wild imagination that is way ahead of their time. Indeed, the show's script writer Bishop once said, "Give the listener enough material to let his imagination go to work, and he'll supply his own goose-pimples."

There are 77 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Man Who Came Back November 14, 1941
The Thing from the Sea November 28, 1941
The Demon Tree December 5, 1941
Men Call Me Mad (1st half only) December 19, 1941
The House of Bread December 26, 1941
Spawn of the Sub Human February 27, 1942
Resolution 1841 January 2, 1942
Curse of the Neanderthal January 9, 1942
Debt from the Past January 16, 1942
The Headless Dead January 23, 1942
Death Is a Savage Deity January 30, 1942
The Sea Phantom February 6, 1942
'W' Is for Werewolf February 13, 1942
A Delicate Case of Murder February 20, 1942
Man with the Scarlet Satchel March 6, 1942
Superstition Be Hanged March 13, 1942
Pennsylvania Turnpike March 20, 1942
The Thing from the Darkness April 3, 1942
Edge of the Shadow April 10, 1942
The Letter from Yesterday May 1, 1942
The Cup of Gold May 8, 1942
Funeral Arrangements Completed May 15, 1942
Dead Hands Reaching May 22, 1942
Rendezvous with Satan May 29, 1942
I Am Your Brother June 5, 1942

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